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is this a unique idea

Computer Help and Websites.

I Do Not cHarge for my time

I offer to do two different things:
Design  websites  for good causes, friends, charities, hobby sites and non profit making organisations.

 I also mentor and help people to use computers, tablets or iPads etc.. This can be done at a distance by email or phone or if geographically near, on a direct face to face basis. This can be anything from a one of  "How do I do.....?"or even "I have been given this tablet as a present and I have no idea how to use it"

Age is not a barrier to safely using computers. Have a look at how I can say that with confidence by looking at this website

 The difference is that I do not charge for my time.

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I will design, build and maintain a website for you based on your ideas or even make your existing static website "responsive" to meet current standards .

I Do Not cHarge for my time

I do not charge for my time although there are other external costs associated with a website in the region of £40 per year with a commitment of one year minimum. Having your own website also gives you your own email address. As my website here is I have chosen my first email address to be but it can be anything before the

Sounds too good to be true

I have been doing it for 18 years using the hyper text markup language (HTML). This is my way of helping good causes or friends using my self taught skills now at a higher level than I have been able to do previously. It is primarily aimed for anyone who needs a website but cannot afford a professionally designed one.

want a slideshow 

I can also include a "slide show" if required as below or if you want a "fancier" one, have a look at the one you can access by clicking here. Use the browser back button to come back here.

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I do not claim to be able to challenge the fantastic websites created by professional web designers using software I cannot afford, but I can give you a good looking website built to the latest standards. 

Thumbnail photo 

Do you like the idea of a thumbnail photo gallery which when you click on the small image a full size image appears . Have a look at the small example below which is courtesy of Fairfield Methodist Church. Use the back button to come back here

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Responsive is the way

When the website is built you can expect a website which you are happy with and is responsive, which means it can be viewed on anything from a mobile phone to the largest computer screen which meets current standards and is easily found by Google . Click on the items below to have a look at three examples of my work. Use the browser back button to come back here.

some examples of my sites

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contact form

Some people like to have a contact form attached to their website instead of just relying on someone emailing them. If you like the idea just click here. This will take you to another page where the contact form is live and you can see an example of what could be available.

To contact me

I Do Not cHarge for my time